“I’m so sorry to hear about your dead….would you say girlfriend?”

Fable attracts trouble instead of people. She’s the kind of girl who has been seen streaking red-bottomed through the snow of Battered Edge on more than one occasion, rushing home with just a pair of boots and a scarf and nothing else. She’s incredibly direct and forward and her big mouth usually winds up meaning she loses friends eventually as people get sick of her, which in turn just makes her MORE blunt and uncaring of how others view her – what does she have to lose?

Despite already been married, she spotted something special in Gillian when he arrived in town and quickly attached herself to him. She’s had to dial down the aggressiveness a few notches as it quickly became clear that Gill is a soft-hearted teen.

Fable and Laelette go way back, each of them always being able to confide in the other without feeling judged.

She has called Gillian a ‘rube’ in secret but Gilly-bean to his face, and is extremely catty with Caltainn.


Yass Queen! Keep doing you! That’s my GIRL. – Laelette


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