The  Age of Old has ended, and the Howling Age has come in its stead. While the Proud People of the second-sky lands fight tooth and tail for their survival, the southern empire grows ever more expansive. Soon, the world will be united under the banner of the Ashen King.

But there are heroes, men and women not just being pulled along with
the current; but with enough strength to redirect the flow.
, the steadfast dwarven axemage, bearing a zen-like self control.
Caltainn, the wolf-born druid trying to find her place in the world.
Ulysses, humble barbarian warrior from the north.
Laelette, through whom the moon-goddess speaks.
And Gillian MacCool, ambitious bardic halfling with a pedigree for success.

Will any of these brave men and women succeed at taming this wild land, or will they too succumb to the harsh world or fall into step under the new regime? 


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